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Update Version: 2.7

Welcome to, The best site to download the latest version of Battlegrounds Mobile India Game. BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the Indian version of the popular PUBG mobile game. Download & Play the world’s Top Multiplayer Battle royal game on your smartphone. And experience the next level gaming. BGMI is now accessible for both Android and iOS devices. Download BGMI Apk latest version from our site.

BGMI v2.7 APK Download is here for free. Download BGMI APK and OBB File Latest Version for your Android smartphone and iOS. Let’s start gaming.

Is BGMI Ban? The Answer is No, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is already returned. KRAFTON already re-launched the game. With the return it gets a v2.7 update and users can play the new Dinosaur mode. Now you can enjoy the game.

BGMI v2.7 Apk

Introducing the BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India) v2.7 updates, this is directly provided by KRAFTON. In this update now gamers only play the Pharaoh mode only after BGMI ban and the Royal Pass is locked, in brand-new state, we hear something from the game War frame over there. There are many events waiting for gamers to win some amazing rewards.

BGMI is an officially authorised combat and survival mobile game. Battlegrounds Mobile India is based on the popular battle Royal concept. Where 100 players jump over an island by the help of parachutes. And they battle with each other till the last man stands. Gamers can play in Scot, Duo or solo as they wish. During the battle they can talk with their teammates. BGMI is developed and published by KRAFTON.

BGMI offers a free-to-play multiplayer experience from KRAFTON. Featuring diverse maps with different terrains in a virtual setting. Battlegrounds Mobile India is run on Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sounds. It builds a truly immersive experience on mobile phones.

What is BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the Indian version of Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). BGMI is only made for Indian gamers after the ban of PUBG in the country. This is a multiplayer battle game. BGMI is fully free to play online on mobile, for both android & iOS. The game is easily available on Google Play store & Apple store. Only some extra features required purchase.

Battlegrounds Mobile India known as BGMI is one of the most downloaded game of India. This is the best Battle Royale Mobile game because of its graphics and mechanism that smoothly run on mobile phones without any leg even on low specs devices. Players can change graphics mode from low to high as they wish. BGMI keeps bringing updates with new events and in-game items as per players, to engage them. 

In the BGMI maps there are a lot of amazing locations to explore and play the game with enjoyment. It makes the game more fun. Play the game with the best tactics to win chicken dinner. BGMI’s popular line is “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. BGMI is easily available for free on google play store & iOS. Players can enjoy the game for free without any purchase. This game store has a massive collection of outfits, vehicle skins, Bag skin, Armor skin, throwable skin, and other items to make the game character look better. Players can purchase monthly passes to earn some extra rewards for free. Download BGMI Apk and start gaming.

What is the Difference Between BGMI & PUBG?

BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG, which is only made for Indian players. That means BGMI is similar to PUBG. But when BGMI was launched specifically for India, some changes were made in the game as per government order. There are some major difference between BGMI & PUBG are-

  • The name is different i.e. BGMI is Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG is Players unknown Battlegrounds.
  • The colour of Blood is green in BGMI and red in PUBG.
  • BGMI is only made for Indian players.
  • BGMI supports only Indian servers.
  • Global players have no option to play in BGMI.
  • The logo of both games is changed.
  • Events are not the same.
  • PUBG & BGMI update doesn’t release on the same date.
  • There is no beta version of BGMI.
  • The “Killing” enemies are now enemies “Finishes“.
  • Under 18 players now play for three hours per day in BGMI.
  • PUBG players get to see K/D BGMI players are shown F/D.

BGMI APK Download Latest version

Download BGMI APK and OBB Latest Version

Website TitleBGMI and OBB File Download
CategoryOnline Game
Size731 MB
Published KRAFTON, INC
PlatformGoogle Play Store & Apple App store
SupportsAndroid 5.1 & above
Latest Update9 August 2023


Here are some key features of BGMI are:

Free to Play
Battlegrounds Mobile India is a free to play game available on Android & iOS.
BGMI Graphics is amazing.The 3D graphics experience real battle games. It works smoothly on your devices even on love specs
Currently BGMI has 6 different maps available. BGMI theme and items on map change during the events.
At a time, 100 players can compete in a match where some play in a team of 4, 3, 2 or some prefer solo.
Voice Chats
During the game players can talk with other team members in real-time.
On the BGMI battlefield, lots of useful equipment is available that helps players to survive and win the game.
BGMI offers various characters. Which have special abilities, but their ability can not be used in classic.
On the occasion of the festival, BGMI holds some similar events where players can complete missions and earn free rewards.
Make Friends
One of the biggest BGMI advantages is that players can add friends. And they can play & talk with them.

What’s New in BGMI v2.7 Update

BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG. According to the PUBG Mobile 2.7 update, there are so many new changes on the BGMI v2.7 update. These are-

  • PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super Collaboration: Dragon Ball Super themed Events & Game mode added for the Player to Enjoy the Game.
  • Dragon Ball Super themed Mode – In this mode, players have to collect all the 7 Dragon Balls, Summon Shenron and wish for more Power.
  • World of Wonder: Experience the summer theme gameplay after version 2.7 update.
  • Battle Royal Mode: The Dragon Ball Super game mode offer a feature with 1.6 x 1.6 km Map. Where players are able to play as the Dragon Ball character.
  • New Firearm: Player will get new assault rifle ACE32 that uses 7.62mm Ammo. This rifle will available on all Maps.
  • Other Features: The upcoming creation mode will be undergoing another update, as well as carry onto vehicle, new outfits with backpack and other features will also add.

How to Download & Install BGMI Apk?

How to download BGMI Apk & OBB, then you visit the right place. Here we guide you to download & install BGMI. Just follow the below steps-

  • Go to Google> Search for
  • Click on Download BGMI Apk.
  • On the download page, download the APK.
  • Go to settings on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the Privacy & Security option.
  • Enable unknown sources.
  • Look for the BGMI file > Click on Install.
  • Login to your account and enjoy the game.

Download BGMI Apk v2.7 on iOS Apple?

Many BGMI player using iOS device like iPhone and iPad. And they are waiting for download BGMI on the iOS device. We are happy to tell you that now BGMI is available for iOS user for free. Visit Apple App Store to Download BGMI. To download BGMI Apk v2.7 on iOS, follow the below steps-

  • On your iPhone/iPad
  • Open App store on your device.
  • After open the app store search > BGMI.
  • Then BGMI App will show in front of you.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Waiting for installing.
  • Successfully BGMI on your iPhone/iPad.

Download BGMI for PC/Laptop(Emulator)

If you want to play BGMI on PC, and are not able to do so. We are sorry to tell you that here is no Pc version available for BGMI. The game is only design for playing on Mobile. But we found the solution. With the help of an Emulator you can easily install it on your PC. Follow the steps-

  • Download an Emulator like – Bluestacks, Gameloop
  • After download click on it and let the emulator run to active.
  • Wait until add drivers are installed.
  • After successfully installing it, close it.
  • Go to
  • Click on the download button to download BGMI apk.
  • After downloading, find the download file on your PC.
  • Open the file.
  • Choose to open the Apk in the emulator.
  • Wait for download and start running on your computer.

Minimum Requirements to Play BGMI

To play and enjoy the BGMI game you have a good device. Here are the information-

Operating SystemRequirements
AndroidAndroid Version 4.3 +
GPU- Andreno (TM) 306+
RAM – 4GB+
iOSiPhone- 9.0 +
iPad – OS 9.0+

BGMI Login Issue

If you are facing Login issue on BGMI then there may be some reason. Here we mention some reasons, check it –
• Make sure that your internet is on.
• Check your internet is not slow.
• Use Wifi, so that it runs smoothly.
• Make sure that your internet quota is sufficient.
• Clear the app data and try to login.


BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the Indian version of PUBG which is only made for Indian players.

BGMI is only made for India and PUBG is global.

To install BGMI Apk just follow the below steps-

  • Go to Google> Search for>>
  • Click on Download BGMI Apk.
  • On the download page, download the APK.
  • Enable unknown sources.
  • Look for the BGMI File > Click on Install.
  • Login to your account and enjoy the game.

To download BGMI Apk for Android just visit >

To download BGMI Apk for iOS Device just visit >

To install BGMI APK and OBB just visit >>

BGMI if fully safe to play on your device. Because it makes for India with government rule. BGMI maintain appropriate security measures to safe players personal information. So stay tension free and enjoy the game.

Yes! BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India) is now playable in India.

Yes! You can easily download BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India) on my phone.

No, VPN is not needed to play BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India)

The current version of BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India) is 2.5


Battlegrounds Mobile India known as BGMI is one of the most popular game in India. BGMI is made for Indian players. We can say BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG. BGMI official site is We keep updating you with BGMI news & updates.

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